After receiving my first order from IZ, I can tell you, it was worth the wait. I am very excited to have clothes that not only fit, but work well with the wheelchair. I liked them so much, I've made additional orders to complete my wardrobe. For so long I have had to deal with clothes that didn't fit, would ride up on me and make me feel like the stereotypical dirty housecoat clad disabled person. It is so nice to go out with my family and feel proud about what I am wearing. It is a great boost to my morale.

- Lynne, Texas


Gone are the days of struggling with conventional pants that never fit properly! Izzy's garments aren't just pieces of clothing, in every design you will experience new found self-confidence, comfort and efficiency - these qualities make her clothing an invaluable part of my wardrobe and my life.

- Luke, Toronto


I purchase IZ clothing for my husband. Not only does it look great on him but it works for me as well when he gets dressed and undressed. I love the pants with the side zippers, no one else can tell, Doctors love them and so do I. One of his doctors requested information on IZ so he could pass the information on to his patients, he finds the side zipper pants wonderful for easy examination, likes there are no back pockets, rivets and a soft back waist band to not cause pressure sores or irritation, he calls his staff in to see how great they are!

- Susan, New York


As a wheelchair-user I would never want to be defined by my chair. My personality and talents transcend these physical boundaries; I embrace the freedom to define myself through my actions and my appearance. Thanks to the innovative IZ clothing line, there now exist options that were never available to me before. I can choose to wear high-quality, fashionable yet timeless and meticulously tailored clothing to complement my body. A body that has changed drastically because of my "seated" lifestyle but, a body that still houses my spirit, one that has remained unchanged post-injury. The garments that Izzy has created allow me to have greater self-confidence and more avenues for self-expression. And for that I am truly grateful.

- Carolyn, Toronto


My husband says I look so good in my IZ clothes that he told me to get some more! They're so comfy and they look better than anything else. I haven't been this excited about shopping in years.

- Christine, Ontario


I have been enjoying my first shipment of IZ clothing. It is just amazing. I have been a Paraplegic for 8 years now and have had to muddle through with standard clothes. No matter how nice or expensive of clothes you buy, they are simply cut wrong, they never lay right and the cut is often very uncomfortable. That is where IZ Clothing makes all the difference. Not only are all the clothes very comfortable and cut exactly as is necessary for life in a wheelchair but they are stylish. No more looking like nothing quite fits but instead, enjoying clothes that lay properly and project and clean and fashionable line even while sitting. I loved my first shipment so much, my darling husband had me replace my entire wardrobe with IZ clothing so I can feel good about everything I wear. Thank you IZ!

- Lynn, Gilmer


I want to extend my deepest appreciation for what you are doing here with the adaptive clothing for people in wheelchairs. I recently received my order and wish I had to shower every day so I could use my bath cape, and secretly wish it would rain so I could use my raincoat!

- Andrea, Port Colborne


My name is Patti and I have multiple sclerosis. 
I was extremely excited when I discovered Izzy and her adaptable clothing line. I immediately contacted her to see what she could do for me; I discovered the possibilities were endless and I couldn't believe it that somebody had finally thought about all the trials and tribulations that a disabled person goes through trying to find proper fitted clothing.
 Izzy has made me pants & a shirt but my favorite item she has made me so far is my winter coat; I now do not mind going out in my wheelchair in the winter. She has thought of all the little things needed/required to make it extremely easy to get dressed plus the clothing line is very stylish. 
Anyone who needs assistance with dressing, etc. needs to contact Izzy to make their life easier; I know she's helped me!

- Patti, Delhi


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