We thank the following people, companies + organizations for their support:


TOWN SHOES: suppliers of footwear for all IZ photo shoots

GERHARD MENSWEAR: for shoes + accessories

OPTICIANADO: suppliers of frames for photo shoots


PERMOBIL: wheelchairs, accessories + seating solutions

THAT GIRL IN THE WHEELCHAIR: Kimmie Jones, our favorite blogger

ABLETHRIVE: curating + delivering solutions for life with a disability

DIVERSABILITY: rebranding disability through the power of community

SPASHIONISTA: style blogger - fashion, trends, + advocating for social awareness + acceptance of people with disabilities

ACCESS NOW: mapping accessibility on locations worldwide

WHEEL:LIFE: global resource that assists people in addressing the many questions + challenges that come with using a wheelchair

PANTS UP EASY: the world's first product designed to help wheelchair users dress independently

If you are a business, individual or organization, interested in spreading the word about IZ to your community or collaborating with us, please contact us at: