What To Wear To: A BBQ

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As a special tribute to our third highest selling country (and almost half of our staff members), our outfit inspiration blog this month covers one of the most well known, modern Australian rituals, the barbecue.
Backyard BBQ's are the social event of any summer; a comfortable, casual affair but your ripped old sweats won't quite cut it when your friends are serving up some new gourmet dish they were inspired to attempt after you gifted them that Jamie Oliver book last birthday. We put together some fail-proof adaptive outfit ideas for a simple and smart look from IZ and our favorite brands.
accessible outfit ideas for wheelchair users - men's clothing
Our new Slim Leg Chinos have a modern silhouette, and the cut is perfect for sitting at an outdoor setting all day (not to mention the elastic at the back of the waist for the second plate you might want to eat. No judgement). The tan cotton pants are complimented perfectly by a classic blue Denim Shirt. Sunglasses are also a must. We love this pair of aviators from Ray Bans. The finishing touch here is, quite obviously an Australian Wine. You can't go wrong with a drop from Yellow Tail.
For effortless style, our Tunic Sweater has a length and cut that sits nicely on the thighs and a lightweight, ultra soft knit that works perfectly for an afternoon in the shade. Team it with your favorite pair of Slim Leg Jeans and a pop of color in your accessories. We chose Cairo Delicate Earrings from Julie Vos in turquoise and gold. Pack everything you need in this sustainable Claira bucket Bag from Nena & Co. The inter-changable strap means you can wear it ocross your body or on the back of your chair.
accessible outfit ideas for wheelchair users. Women's Clothing.