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Meet Lynne - Wheelchair user and IZ customer


Meet Lynne. She's been enjoying the benefits of being an IZ customer since August of 2014 when she purchased her first pair of Black Leggings and the Mandarin Tunic, which she said gave her hope that there was actually someone who understood how to meet the needs of those with mobility issues. After years of being on the road with the family business, Lynne, along with the love her life, her husband, Joshua, and their 3 children, have newly relocated to the mountains of Colorado near Boulder. Their family is loving the cool weather which is a huge benefit since Lynne is an avid Fiber Artist. After becoming ill over nine years ago, which lead to her becoming a paraplegic, she has used Fiber Arts as a means of therapy for her body and to enjoy the feeling of being productive again. Lynne delights in anything to do with Yarn and Fleeces. It took eight long years of therapy for her to be able to spin on a spinning wheel again after nerve damage severely affected her mobility. She now uses the Spinning Wheel as a means of therapy for her legs and says that although she cannot stand or even straighten her legs, she can always spin!
After years of using Knitting and Crochet to keep her fingers and arms moving and Spinning to work what movement she has left in her legs, she began to truly realize the benefits that Fibers Arts could give to the community of others with mobility issues, Thus, the creation of Healing Fibers Foundation, a non-profit organization that encourages the use of Traditional Fiber arts for those who have physical or mental challenges, people who have chronically illness and Caregivers. Lynne spends her time split between the family business and working on reaching those in the community to bring them a taste of Traditional Fiber Arts.
Lynne says “It is much easier to get out and work with the public when your own choice of clothing doesn’t consist of large Mumu type dresses, ill-fitting clothing…. or the obligatory sweat suit that has become synonymous with the wheelchair for some odd reason…. No, IZ has brought style to this community allowing us to meet the world with confidence, comfort, and flare!”


Lynne’s Top Five Picks are….

1) Flow Tunic

“This is by far my favorite item! The Tunics are long enough to cover the top part of the legs but is cut so there is no bunching of extra material. I am also a breast cancer survivor and after the mastectomy, the draped front gives a fabulous look and helps to hide problem areas. I have these in every color IZ makes!”


2) Leggings

“Before the wheelchair became home, I loved to wear leggings and a big shirt. I thought those days were over because the tops of normal leggings are so uncomfortable in my wheelchair but IZ read the thoughts of all us from the 80s and made Leggings we would be comfortable in all day long! I have five pairs in my closet and can’t imagine life without them!


3) Boucle Cape

“This is the cover-up that lays by the door all year long. It is easy to put on, especially if you have difficulty with arm movement, it keeps you warm while still giving your arms free movement so you can spin on your spindle or knit with no restrictions even when you are out on a chilly day!


4) Ponte Tube Dress.

“This is on my Wish-List! What a beautiful dress! Perfect for interfacing with a client, going to a formal dinner or date night with your husband. This will soon become a staple in the closet!”


5) Parka Cape

“This is another ‘Wish List’ item for me. After spending some very cold winters in the NYC Metro area while traveling for the family company, the Parka Cape would have been a life saver! Until IZ introduced the Parka Cape, there was little to choose from in way of a comfortable, easy to put on and warm coat for the wheelchair. With the Colorado winters approaching in a few months, this is a definite on the To-Buy List!!”


You can learn more about Lynne’s amazing Healing Fibers project on the website and on Facebook.