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Kelly Perks-Bevington for IZ Collection

'Lips OR Eyes - You don’t have to decide'

Hi there! Please allow me to introduce myself! My name is Kelly Perks-Bevington and Im a 27 year old business owner, blogger/writer from the UK. I am also a Wheelchair user and Ive got SMA 3 (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) which means for me, that I am an electric wheelchair user.

kelly perks-bevington

I was so excited when IZ messaged me over Instagram (@kellypeebz) and as soon as I saw their page and their AMAZING style I was pretty much on board. IZ were really complimentary about my make up and asked if I would ever consider doing a make up based blog for them. At first I was a little apprehensive as Id never actively written about make up before (apart from raving on Twitter about my favourite new products!). I also feel the make up/beauty bloggergame is SO full with experts and MUAs that really know their stuff that I was a teeny bit out of my depth, but after pondering for a few moments whilst staring at my brand new Jeffree Star Beauty Killer palette I thought, Why the hell not!?.

So here it is my FIRST EVER, step by step make up blog! I called this blog Lips OR eyes, you dont have to decide!as after a quick chat with my friend Emily (a fellow make up lover) about how some people shy away from a bold eye AND a bold lip.. we were both left wondering WHY!? I think both together make a HUGE statement and I often rock the two together, because you only live once.. and I think we should enjoy all the bold and bright colours we can.

This morning whilst I was applying my make up, I literally took a picture after EVERY step, so that I could hopefully effectively talk you through how to create todays look. Following each picture Ill write a detailed description of how each step was carried out, along with the products that I used.

SO! I hope you all enjoy, Id love to hear your thoughts on this look, if youd rock it and what your colours of choice are for a bold make up look! Drop me a line on Instagram or Twitter @KellyPeebz or you can visit my site

Kelly's make up steps 1-4

Step 1: Cleanse your and moisturise your face

Neutrogena Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub - I use this as it’s literally the ONLY product that’s helped me get my once “problem” skin under control. It stops breakout for me before they even fully appear and for a scrub its not overly abrasive.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser - I started using this as my facial scrub was on a buy one get one free offer! I’ve not looked back since, it smells AMAZING, it’s light and has a slight menthol feel when it’s applied which makes the face feel really clean! It’s also not overly sticky.


Step 2: Apply Primer to face, neck and eyelids

Revlon Photo Ready perfecting Primer - I use this because it’s silky smooth and creates a great practically pore less base for my foundation.


Step 3: Apply base shadow all over lid, paying special attention to the brow bone.

Jeffree Star (Beauty Killer palette) in shade “China White” - This is a great all over shade, especially if you are as pale as a ghost, like me!


Step 4: Apply dark shadow to crease and just above with a small detailing brush, then blend with a blending brush to give a smokey airbrushed effect.

Jeffree Star (Beauty Killer palette) in shade “Vanity” - This is a rich, dark, matte purple! On first glance I didn’t think this would get much use, but I think I’ve used it daily as of late.

Kelly's make up steps 5-8

Step 5: Using a detailing/liner brush, dip into your liner colour and draw a wing across the lash line to your desired thickness (the bolder the better!)

Jeffree Star Liquid Lip in shade “Blow Pony” - All of Jeffree Star’s Liquid Lipsticks are also eye safe and vegan, and they make great liners!


Step 6: Go in and blend the dark again to ensure a smooth looking dark shadow with a dramatic edge and apply lash primer.

Dior Show Lash Primer - the lady at Dior was clearly on sales commission and she pushed this lash primer HARD! I don’t normally go for a lash primer but she gave me 20% off and I haven’t stopped using it since.


Step 7: Apply foundation to face, concentrating on any problem areas.

Revlon Colourstay foundation Oily/Combonation in shade “Ivory”

- I’ve done nothing but rave about this foundation to all of my friends, even those who only wear high end make up. This is a steal and the fact that they do an oily/combo option makes it even better. It literally gives me Barbie skin.


Step 8: Blend foundation, using your chosen method

My choice is a Beauty Blender OR a stippling brush on this picture I opted for the brush - I love Beauty Blenders but I’ve got to be honest I prefer a brush for this foundation I just find it applies really well and it’s less messy than using a blender or your fingers.

Kelly's make up steps 9-12

Step 9: Apply Contour Powder to cheek bones, chin and forehead.

Kat Von D Light and Shade Contour Palette - I use the mid brown in the palette. I brought this palette when I was in Miami in November and it’s lasted AGES! My friend Sarah recently informed me that Miss Von D is bringing her line to Debenhams in the UK in September and I’m absolutely overjoyed! I may make the palette last until then to avoid postage fee’s.


Step 10: Apply brow product and Mascara

Dior Show Mascara in shade “90” - Dior Show is my go to mascara and with their new air lock feature to stop the mascara from drying in the tube as quickly it’s back and better than ever.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes -

Well what can I say, EVERYONE loves ABH for brows, I’m yet to try the Dip Brow pomade or any of her other brow products BUT I picked this in Miami and I’ve used it every day since.


Step 11: Apply “The finishing touches” in this case lipstick and Highlight to cheeks, brow bone and cupids bow

Jeffree Star Liquid Lip in shade “Blow Pony” - again Jeffree Stars Blow Pony, it’s so versatile and the colour is AMAZING.. It doesn’t really flake or dry but can cause some trouble when eating food especially if it’s oily. However! It’s easy enough to reapply so it’s well worth it.

Sleek Highlight palette - two shades mixed Equinox and Subsolar - This is by far the best “high street” highlight on the market at the moment! It’s absolutely gorgeous and offers plenty of shade choice.


Step 12: Apply hat and take awesome #Selfie

Hat is from the Dudes Factory Berlin. Who doesn't love a good selfie?!

Kelly's final look

So that brings me to the end of my blog! I hope that youve enjoyed reading about this look! Ive also included a collage of my latest favourite make up looks below, let me know if youd like to see a tutorial on any of them and if you have any questions about ANY of my looks dont hesitate to ask! A HUGE thanks to IZ Collection for having me on their blog today, Ive really enjoyed writing about one of my passions and I hope to speak to you all again soon.

Kel x

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