Guest Blog: Alexis Pastuch

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Alexis sitting in her wheelchair wearing IZ adaptive clothing

"I'm a young woman with a disability who has a passion for accessibility as well as fashion, because of this, I've started my own blog. I called it Wheelz and Heelz because I wanted to prove that people with disabilities don't just go to doctor's appointments- I discuss a wide variety of topics. This could be traveling, importance of accessibility/inclusion and fashion. It's something I want to do not just for myself, and the disability community, but able bodied people too, to give them understanding of my world.

I believe that in today’s society, everyone should be included, regardless of ability. No one should be told they CAN’T do something, go somewhere or look a certain way.

A few years ago, my sister saw a segment on CityLine about IZ. She recorded it for me. I recall like yesterday how excited I was because 'till that moment, I always had trouble not only finding clothes that fit me properly, but clothes that were stylish as well. Ever since that day, I've purchased many pieces from IZ. I could barely believe the IZ studio was so close to my house and I've been lucky enough to have appointments and meet the team.

My very first piece was a black dress for my sister’s wedding. It is gorgeous and fits me perfectly. It means a lot to me that this was my first piece because it was for a very special occasion. A little black dress is an essential for any fashionista and it’s something you will have for a long time. It will never go out of style, so it's worth investing in something that fits you well and makes you feel good - the benchmark of every LBD.

After the purchase of the dress, I went back to the studio to look at all the other pieces available. Someone from the IZ team asked me “What do you like?” And my response? “EVERYTHING!”. It was very hard to choose what do get, but I approached the process as though I was building a wardrobe from nothing, selecting a wide range of pieces with versatility that I could style my own way. After all, I really was starting over because for the first time I had pieces that made me feel good as well as look good.

Since then, over the years and a series of orders, I've acquired a wide range of pieces. Everything from skirts, tops, sweaters, pants to a parka which is an essential for where I live and something I never thought could fit me as well as it does.

Someone once asked me what my favourite IZ piece is and after a lot of consideration, I  couldn’t pick one. All the pieces make me feel good. Not just physically, when I wear them, but also with the knowledge that there is a celebrated and awarded fashion designer out there who wants to create proper fashion for wheelchair users; pieces that don't just take into account proper fit and heath issues like skin integrity but they look better on me than standard fashion.

Kudos Izzy, kudos!"