Christina's Picks!

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You might already know our incredible Brand Ambassador, Christina. She's a Clinical Psych Grad, with a fun Instagram feed and the world's cutest Etsy store. This month, she's letting everyone in on her five favorite items from IZ Collection and just why she loves them!


Christina’s Top Five Picks:


    Lightweight Hoodie Cape - This piece is such a versatile and casual piece that can be worn from fall through spring, and can be dressed up so easily! This piece pairs perfectly with a chunky piece of jewelry, skinny jeans, and tall boots or flats.

    Athletic Legging – I love these leggings firstly, because they are designed specifically for seated wearers. Secondly, these leggings can be worn with so many different looks, both casual and dressed up. My favorite pairs with these leggings are a flowing or cape-styled top, and either tall boots for fall/ winter or flats for spring/summer.

    Dress Pant with Yoga Waistband – What could be better than dress pants with a yoga waistband designed specifically for seated wearers?! These are the perfect dress pants to add (hidden) comfort to a professional look.

    Long Sleeve Open-Snap Back Tee – I love this shirt because it is a versatile and simple long-sleeve shirt, but with an intricate design that makes this shirt more than your everyday long-sleeve shirt. The A-line cut on this shirt allows the shirt to flow around the waist and stomach, reducing tightness for seated wearers, while the open-snap back adds ease to putting this shirt on/ taking this shirt off and adds intricate detail to the back of the shirt. This shirt can be worn on it’s own, paired with a scarf, or worn under a light jacket for fall/spring.

    3/4 Sleeve Summer Top – This white linen top is perfect when worn either on it’s own or when paired with outerwear or accessories, making this a piece that can be worn for all four seasons. This top has my favorite A-line cut, which allows the top to flow around the waist and stomach.