Behind The Scenes: Seated + Standing Shoot. Fall / Winter 2016

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on set at our photo shoot for fashion iz freedom
Fashion Quite - Fashion IZ Freedom. Izzy Camilleri 
For high profile models Alana Zimmer and Grace Mahary, fashion is obviously a huge part of their lives, though both women have family members who face the unique challenges to fashion and dressing presented to all wheelchair users. This experience
  motivated the models to participate in our Fashion IZ Freedom campaign.
BTS - Fashion IZ Freedom. alana zimmer, grace mahary and wheelchair model anita kaiser
As part of the promotion for IZ's upcoming Fall / Winter range for 2016, Grace and Alana took their dedication one step further and participated in a shoot in which they work with lead IZ model Anita Kaiser to show off the new collection.
Shot by Chris Chapman and styled by Peter Pappapetrou, senior artist from MAC Cosmetics Melissa Gibson was the MUA and hair was styled by Marilisa Sears of Marc Anthony.
grace mahary, wheelchair user model anita kaiser, alana zimmer
peter pappapetrou fashion stylist and izzy camilleri designer on set
The fashion industry sets standards for every body and to see yourself represented in fashion can be rare, however, for wheelchair users in particular it is almost impossible. At IZ, we've made it our mission to break down barriers and push for diversity. Merging the mainstream fashion world with our IZ garments by putting clothing designed for sitting on a standing frame, is an unusual concept that highlights the unique differences that IZ offers.

models wearing fashion iz freedom tees

Find out more about the project with our BTS video:


Full Credits:
Models : Alana Zimmer, Grace Mahary, Anita Kaiser
Designer : Izzy Camilleri
Photographer : Chris Chapman
Styling : Peter Pappapetrou
Video : Andrew Jeffrey
Hair : Marilisa Sears
MUA : Melissa Gibson
Set Design : Caitlin Doherty
Social : Belle Owen
Behind The Scenes Photography : Nicole Wenn