Fashionable Function

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You may already know that all of our Coats, Capes and Jackets are designed exclusively to fit and compliment the seated frame. What you may not know is that each piece contains thoughtful and discreet functionality aspects that make dressing even easier without compromising on fashion. 
Our Leather Biker Jackets for both Men and Women feature zips at the wrist that not only look incredible, but also widen the openings for anyone that may experience difficulty with sleeves.
Pockets on our Coats and Parkas are all angled and positioned for ease of access while seated.
The Funnel Neck Coat looks chic and sophisticated with hidden magnetic closures, which also make closing the coat effortless for those who may have limited dexterity.
Even our Rain Coats have an ingenious optional flap that attaches to the back via zip and keeps water from running down the back of your chair.
All of this, plus our signature cut and drape make IZ Outerwear much better than the average winter fashion.