Nicole's Picks!

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Nicole is the newest member of the IZ team, working with our production and shipping team while brightening the studio like a ray of sunshine. She keeps everyone smiling and makes the best cup of tea. Nicole’s personal style revolves around textures, natural fabrics and rich, fall colors peppered with cute prints.
Here are her top 5 IZ picks from Fall:
“I love the cut and fit of this. The two completely different looks with the collar open Vs with the collar closed, is like having two coats in one. The magnets are hidden which gives it a real sophisticated look. ”
"This is my favorite piece in the entire IZ collection. Every wardrobe needs a good print and stripes are always in style. It's a classic look, and the longer sleeves make this perfect for every season."
"Such a versatile piece that every wardrobe should have. The texture adds not only warmth but depth to every outfit and they can make even sweat pants look stylish!"
"These are everything- Unique, comfortable and effortlessly cool. I have to get one for myself!"
"Who doesn't want the look of jeans with the comfort of leggings? It's so easy to dress these up or down. The extra stretch means they fit every body type "