Beyond The Pencil - Eazy Zip Back

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All of our clothes are thoughtfully designed for wheelchair users but not everyone has the same abilities. For some, assisted dressing can be challenging so we've created pieces that make it a breeze for anyone. And of course, are stylish too.
Our Easy Zip Back option in coats is just one way that we're making layering up and staying warm easier than ever. Discreet zippers in the back mean that Easy Zip Back coats separate into two individual pieces. Even with limited arm mobility, each side of the coat is easily slipped on before they are connected. Taking it off is just as simple. The arched back reduces the need for leaning forward to fasten the zipper and also eliminates excess fabric behind, but there's no exposure to the elements thanks to the back rest of your chair.
Our signature 'L-Shape' means that IZ coats have the length you need over your lap while looking sleek and clean so you don't sacrifice your style.
Pictured below, some of our coat options also have Magnetic closures that not only look sophisticated, but make life easier if you have difficulty with buttons.
With fashion this forward and functional, there's no need to compromise. IZ has you covered.