What IZ The Difference?

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Being a wheelchair user can often mean a lot of compromises in life. Sometimes your morning coffee choice is decided by which storefront is accessible, and not who pulls the best espresso shot. Sometimes concert tickets are dictated by available space and not how early you line up for your favorite band..   
When it comes to something as essential to self-expression as fashion, no one should have to settle.
Comfort and function are both core elements when designing IZ collections, but just how does IZ differ from standard clothing?
Clothing for the seated frame is not an after thought or an alteration at IZ. After extensive research and development, patterns are completely re-imagined from conception to make all the necessary accommodations. These allowances don't just make IZ clothing easier to wear, they smooth out lines to make garments appear cleaner and more chic while they're on. 
From top to toe, the differences are discreet but significant. Tops are cut in an A-line to allow for a little extra width while seated. Optional Open Back features make dressing a whole lot easier for those that have difficulty with sleeves or arm raising. Capes are an equally simple and sophisticated way to add an extra layer for warmth. 
 IZ pants are completely unique. From the unmistakable signature cut that adjusts the height of the waistband so it doesn't slip down at the back or bunch in the front, right down to the small details like the angle of the pockets and hidden zipper options, there is a style to suit everyone. Even seam placement has been taken into account to ensure that folds, wrinkles and other nasty bumps are no longer underneath you.
No aspect is overlooked. Wrap Waist Pants can even eliminate the need to stand or be lifted entirely, making a world of difference to the time and level of assistance needed to change.
 In a world where 'fast fashion' is on the decline, having quality classics designed exclusively for you is essential.