What To Wear To: The Gym

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We all know that workout attire is no longer just oversized tees or sloppy sweatpants. Athleisure is a strong fashion statement that's here to stay, so it's essential that you look just as good while you're working out as you do getting to and from the gym. Gym accessories have come a long way recently too, finding their way into even the most stylish every day outfit. We've got our top picks for your perfect gym look that's also extremely comfortable - no one wants to worry about their pants slipping down while they're trying to lift...
Men's Wheelchair Accessible fashion for the gym
GUYS: Forget those tacky stringlets. A simple, stylish and wearable tee shirt is a must. The Fashion IZ Freedom tee is not only super comfortable, but also contributes to making the world a more accessible place! Doing good and looking good at the same time totally burns extra calories and builds muscle.
Your shoes obviously need to be appropriate to your abilities and your work out routine, but we love the classic black and white Nike Roshe One - they're light, comfortable and they look ultimate.
Want a cool water bottle that doubles as a talking point? Life straw is an amazing invention that filters as you drink, so you have clean water on the go, plus you can clip it to your backpack, your chair, whatever works. Our Sweat Shorts are incredibly popular for a reason, the fit you need (and deserve) with a zip-up pocket on the thigh so your gym card and keys don't get lost. 

women's wheelchair accessible fashion for the gym

GIRLS:  A cute and unique way to spin the athleisure look for warming up and winding down, is our Hoodie Cape. Effortless, cozy and with a convenient pouch pocket on the front. Keep track of how long you've been sweating it out with the Time Teller Digi by Nixon design. We love the Bright Coral shade for a summery pop of color. Keeping basic black on your bottom half leaves room to easily change up your look with a bright top - look no further than our Athletic Leggings. These leggings are comfort plus, with a bunch of stretch so they can stand up to anything. Sony W Series Sports Walkman is next level for work out tunes. They're easy to use, they'll stay on and they're even waterproof, so you can wear them in the pool and stay motivated while you're swimming laps! We love it when technology and fashion merge so seamlessly.