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Meet Carol. She can regularly be seen out in the city of Toronto at various events in her role as a Healthy Communities Champion.  Recently, Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition publicly recognized Carol, who has volunteered with OHCC for over 20 years networking & sharing information about "Social Determinates of Health", and she was proudly wearing clothing designed by IZ!


Carol feels lucky to lead a full life filled with activities that bring her much joy.  She loves art, music and dance and finds pleasure Wheel Dancing, hanging out with friends & family at Art Gallery of Ontario and meeting up with like-minded folks at festivals/outdoor concerts, storytelling events, as well as going to farmers' markets. Activities in nature have been one of her life long passions enjoying Toronto's many parks & trails that are becoming more accessible for all.  She looks forward to renting wheelchair accessible vans so she's able to go out of town to visit relatives, especially her grandson Jaron who lives in St Marys, Ontario.  This fall, plans are in process to take extended time away to visit her son Joe and her brother Doug in British Columbia.  Currently, Carol is in the middle of visioning a Peace Garden at her home with her very capable gardener, daughter Melissa.


Carol tells us IZ Clothing has made a huge difference in her life after accepting her changing body & the need to dress for comfort.  Carol uses a power wheelchair full time due to advanced scoliosis, post-polio & fibromyalgia.  She's been an enthusiastic IZ Customer since early 2015 when she first focused on buying adaptive outerwear & fell in love with her Parka Cape, Black Cowl Neck Cape, Grey Hoodie Cape and a much used Wool Knit Vest plus a Rain Cape. Carol found that mixing & matching neutral and muted shades saves her time & energy when choosing her outfits for the day's activities whether in a professional setting or during her leisure activities.  With addition of one of her many hats & a colorful scarf she is set to go.


Carol gave us her picks for her Spring/Summer Wardrobe:

  1. Straight Leg Jeans - 1 black & 1 blue pair! 

“I really liked my first pair so I decided to stick with what works for me in comfort & easy dressing. Jeans can be worn almost anywhere today & can be super casual worn with a tee or dressed-up wearing a black dress jacket.  When the weather warms up I'll roll up the cuffs & slip on my sandals instead of my boots.”


  1. Ankle Pants  - white.  (2 pairs!)

“I like the idea of keeping 2 of each item in my closet that I'd like to wear often & these pants will be in demand on a regular basis. There are so many possibilities for mixing & matching with pieces I already have that it'll be fun to use my creativity in coming up with multiple outfits.”


  1. Tank Dresses -  1 in black and 1 in black & white stripes. 

“I found my IZ grey wool tube dress so comfortable in winter that I could easily forget I had it on! I had to get a summery version and am looking forward to the same experience wearing both these dresses.”


  1. Denim Cape

“I know that capes are my best option for ease in dressing & with scoliosis the cape is just the thing to help eliminate unwanted discomfort.  Plus, I see my jean cape as a great addition to wear with my jeans as well as my 2 new tank dresses.”


  1. Straight Leg Sweat Pant

“Since I experience cold intolerance especially in air conditioned buildings, I know that these pants worn with my grey hoodie cape will come in handy even in the warmer weather!”


“P.S.  The word "FREEDOM" continues to have meaning in my life and therefore my FASHION IZ FREEDOM Tees are worn often.  These T shirts are so soft & wash easy so I’ve ordered 2 more to add to the 2 I already have in my drawers!”


Carol gets her Wheelchair accessible vans from Wheelchair in Motion


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