Jessica's Picks!

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Meet Jessica
Meet Jessica. She's been an amazing IZ customer since way back when we began! She lives in a flat in central Stockholm, Sweden, with her two lovable cats Zorro and Zelda. Jessica was actually born in Montreal, Canada and lived there until she was almost two, when her family moved back to Sweden, where her mum is from. Her dad is Norwegian and while she's not a big sports fan, she says it's nice to have three nations to cheer for at the Olympics.
Jessica works at an Independent Living organization. Human rights are important to her, especially those for people with disabilities. Right now her role is a communicator, which suits her perfectly as she's interested in all sorts of writing and design. She also likes the arts and culture and fills all her free time with concerts and museums. Nature and traveling are also a must for Jessica. She's excited about her next trip to Japan this summer.
Her personal style is bright and bold, and she often changes her hair to match.


We asked Jessica for her top 5 IZ picks:


"It's too hard to choose only five!

1. Boucle Cape. Easy to put on. Perfect to layer. It's super soft and it drapes so nice. And mine (last year's rose color) matches the color of my hair right now. 

2. Jeggings. A must have. These fit so well that it feels like you don't have any pants on (and they fit over my spinal brace, yey) yet stylish.

3. Keep Your Knees Together. It's as genius as it is simple. Skirts and dresses look so much nicer when ones knees are kept together. 

4. Blazer Easy-Zip Back. The Easy Zip-back makes it so much easier to get dressed. And a blazer is a must when I need to be more formal in my job. Ordinary blazers are almost impossible for me to get on.

And last but not least:

5. the Lap Blanket. It's often too cold for my taste here in Sweden. I tried some other brands' foot bags but they were too tricky to get on and off. And ordinary blankets just fall off. So last year I bought the parka one and loved it so I had to buy the rose quilted one too.

Then, I still love my lime green knitted open back cape I bought several years ago. It must been from the first ever collection from IZ!"