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Wheelchair user and founder of AccessNow App Maayan Ziv

Chances are, if you're a wheelchair user, know someone who is a wheelchair user or just read news on the internet, you've heard of AccessNow. Just in case you've missed one of the most important stories to be splashed on our screens recently, we'll catch you up. Dreamed up by accessibility champion Maayan Ziv, AccessNow is all about sharing accessibility information around the world. Through 'crowd sourcing', restaurants, venues, stores and attractions of all kinds are rated for accessibility on an interactive map. The goal is to have information such as whether a place has automatic doors, alternative entrances, accessible bathrooms, braille and even the level of noise, available at the click of a button. Once places are 'pinned', they can be searched, or you can browse areas to see what's nearby with the accessibility features you need.

Access Now App on a phone screen

As we in the community pin-point the accessibility status of locations, we not only have information that empowers us to make decisions about where to eat, drink, shop and hang out, but we can also start looking at how to turn all the red 'not accessible' pins, to green 'accessible' pins. Through this valuable information, we can strive to find ways to create access where there currently is none.

As a worldwide community, passionate about change, together we can empower each other to have access now.

In our quest for a barrier free world, IZ has teamed up with Maayan and the AccessNow team to create a week long push for new pins. We call it an #AccessHack. With the current goal of 5,000 pins world-wide within sight, every pin counts. When IZ started our #AccessHack, we pledged to pin 60 places in a week, and finished the week on a grand total of 139 pins!

 cropped picture of a manual wheelchair user

We enthusiastically encourage you, the IZ community, to join in our #AccessHack and pin places in your local area on the website: Connect with AccessNow on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #AccessHack.

Let us know when you join in, by tweeting us @IZadaptive - We'll share with everyone.

AccessNow App founder and wheelchair user Maayan Ziv