Jen's Picks!

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 Meet Jen, she's been an IZ customer since early 2013. Originally from Torrington, CT, she recently relocated to Landrum, SC. Her and her family moved for the weather and the tax relief, and found so much more, they're pretty sure they landed in paradise! Jen is a stay at home mom with two active teenagers and likes dogs, swimming, and sarcasm. Jen tends to always find the fun side of a challenge, and loves using humor to help her friends through the tough stuff life throws at them. She also loves to entertain, and lives by the motto, “the more the merrier, bring food!”
She loves watching professional football; the NFL one, not soccer. She is a die-hard Washington Redskins fan, but will watch any teams play. Her personal style is jeans and a clean shirt. In a perfect world, she would be fancy all the time, but knows deep down that the moms that always look perfect when they leave the house are totally faking it. 


We asked Jen for her top five IZ picks:

1. Rose Quilt Lap Blanket
This is my very favorite because with the right tucking and a fancy top, I’m dressed, and I look good enough for an evening out. If people can wear jammies to Walmart, I can wear a lap blanket to a wine tasting.
2. Leather Biker Jacket Easy Zip Back
Because, seriously, you guys, leather! And it is so soft and supple and it smells wonderful.
3. Straight Leg Jeans Wrap Waist
These are a favorite. On really bad days, when I am really struggling with my MS, I can still easily wear pants and look presentable.
4. Chino Shorts
An absolute must-have in the Southern heat. 
5. Rain cape
I love mine, because dry and warm is so much better than cold and wet! This one is perfect.
** I have to also make an honorable mention to the amazing Hoodie Cape. Everyone needs one of these. Trust me.